American Universities Pathway Program
Start at home, finish in the USA
Roles & Responsibilities
The American Universities Pathway Program (AUPP) is designed for international students who seek a US undergraduate or graduate university degree and who prefer to do their first year of coursework in their home city. In some cases, a student could take up to two years of coursework in AUPP.
AUPP Center Roles & Responsibilities
  1. Ensure that students meet Program Entry Requirements
    • Secondary school transcript and diploma. Exceptions may be made for final year secondary students who have demonstrated excellent academic performance.
    • Evidence of English Proficiency as indicated by minimum TOEFL score 61 iBT, IELTS score 5, or iTEP score of 3.4.
    • Students who desire to enter a Masters degree program through AUPP will need to provide Bachelor's degree transcript and diploma and a minimum level of English Proficiency indicated by a minimum TOEFL score 80 iBT, IELTS score 6, or iTEP score of 3.9.
  2. Provide physical and technical resources for students to undertake US university-level coursework delivered online but in a monitored environment.
    • Study space sufficient for 15-20 learners at one time
    • Broadband internet access for each student
    • Provision of computer stations or assurance that students have their own laptop equipment to use in the program
    • Appropriate technical assistance for trouble-shooting
    • Appropriate security for students and their equipment and supplies
    • Manage all facilities in a professional manner and maintain adherence to all legal codes and regulations
  3. Provide trained and certified, English proficient, onsite Mentors
    • Bilingual mentors preferred
    • Minimum of Bachelor's degree preferred
    • Each student will be assigned a personal Mentor each Mentor should be able to handle 20-30 students, even more as their experience grows
    • Assure that each Mentor participates in the WEgroup Mentor Development Program on an ongoing basis.
  4. Develop and maintain an accurate and complete financial records system for all students enrolled through AUPP.
    • Collect from students the appropriate funds due at the beginning of each term.
    • Transmit the necessary funds to WEgroup on a timely basis per the agreement between WEgroup and the AUPP Center.
    • Maintain accurate records of student payments.
  5. General Responsibilities.
    • Secure all necessary business licenses and permits to operate an educational institution in the selected markets.
    • Undertake a targeted marketing and student recruitment program to meet enrollment and revenue targets.
    • Establish relationship with iTEP or other testing organization to become a test center, if you are not already one, or agree to send your students to the nearest one, if convenient. These requirements can be waived under certain conditions.
    • Employ and pay all local staff, including certified Mentors.
    • Nominate prospective mentors to be trained and certified by World Education Group.
    • Work with WEgroup to maintain up-to-date records of student progress and take affirmative action to increase student success.
WEgroup Roles & Responsibilities
  1. Provide all course content and assessment material from regionally accredited US educational institutions.
  2. Provide guidance through WEgroup-certified Mentors to enable each diligent student to master the assigned course work and satisfactorily complete the external exams on which credit will be based.
  3. Ensure that Course Provider institutions provide transcripts of the course work completed by each student along with a record of the student's achievement.
  4. Advise and assist each student who wants to continue her/his undergraduate education in the US to gain admission to at least one college or university of the student's choice. This includes career counseling.
  5. Provide a student registration and course management system that enables appropriate professionals to monitor each student's academic progress.
  6. Provide marketing and branding guidelines and assist Host partners in applying those guidelines to a local marketing and sales program.
  7. Manage the ongoing Mentor Professional Development Program.