American Universities Pathway Program
Start at home, finish in the USA
What we expect from Host Partners
What We Expect From Host Partners:
Goal from each location is the steady flow of qualified students into the AUPP. This is achievable with a full time dedicated effort aimed at the following demographics:
    • Secondary school graduates
    • Secondary school students in final year who have excellent academic records.
    • Adults who have earned Bachelor's degrees who want to earn a Masters degree at least partially through AUPP.
All undergraduate program applicants need to demonstrate English Proficiency or enroll in WEgroup's Academic English Program (or an equivalent program) to achieve the following minimum scores:





World Education Group requires at a minimum a physical location in each city to consist of:
  1. Classroom space and computers in a safe, clean and upscale setting consistent with the demographics' expectations and comfort level and in line with the expectation and ability to afford similar physical space both locally and in the US. In other words, we require that the school location have a look and feel that is consistent with attending one of our US universities.
  2. High speed terrestrial internet line and high speed WiFi
  3. A dedicated AUPP space inside the existing facilities that should include at a minimum one classroom with computers. We expect the demographic to have their own laptops but need to offer at a minimum four functioning desktops with headphones per 30 enrolled students. Therefore a center that expects 120 students enrolled should have 10 working machines available for those students who forget to bring their ipad or laptop etc.
  4. A space for socialization such as a courtyard, patio, restaurant or cafeteria. The common areas should support random interactions and be similar to any university.
  5. The physical set up for the AUPP classroom should be similar to these pictures, but the spaces might be smaller based on the Center's requirements.

    Most of the students in the demographic will have and bring their own laptops each day but having a number of desktops set up will be important.
Test Center Operations:
One of the first steps in organizing an AUPP center is the selection of a Primary Test Center Administrator (TCA) to manage and administer the overall testing program, although not necessarily to act as on-site supervisor. The primary TCA functions as a vital link between the testing program and the faculty, administrators, and students. He or she must hold a bachelor's degree and may not be involved as an instructor or student in any courses, workshops, or tutoring or mentoring. He or she should also have familiarity with administering standardized exams.